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Wordpress Experts

Wordpress Experts

We are a team of WordPress Experts, who is experienced and talented to deliver all type of WordPress Websites. we are awarded and recognized as a Top WordPress Web Development Company over the years.


We have in house team of experienced WordPress Developers are well versed in creating all kind of WordPress Web Applications which includes WordPress Web Development Services like Custom Theme Development, Plugin Development, Theme Customization, Plugin Customization, Premium Theme Setup and Customization, WordPress Website Redesign, WordPress Maintenance and Support, WordPress Responsive Theme Development, WordPress Bug & Problem Fixing, Woo-commerce Setup, Woo-commerce Customization, WordPress Theme-forest theme configuration and customization, WordPress Multi-site, WordPress Multilingual Website, WordPress Speed Optimization etc.

What Do Successful Website Designs Have In Common

The Best WordPress Designs
It’s important that your website reflects your brand perfectly and is irresistible to your customers. Get a customised website design that does both to ensure maximum value from your online presence.
Responsive Web Design
Whether somebody is viewing your website from their work PC, their iPad at home, or their smart phone on the go, a responsive website ensures that they have a consistent, positive experience.
Social Media Optimisation
Social profile links, and easy social share buttons lift every website design. We make it a priority to integrate social media building trust with your customers and more reach for your content.
WordPress Training
Creating and publishing content is simple and easy with WordPress, we’ll show you how! Once we have completed your website, we’ll hand the reigns over to you in a one on one WordPress training session.
WordPress Website Hosting
From our years of experience with every local hosting company and many off shore we have the inside knowledge to recommend and get you setup with the best Australian Hosting for WordPress.
Easy Unlimited Updates
Create and publish as much content as you want with absolutely no limits. Website needs changed? We can easily customise and extend the functionality of your website to meet your future needs.
Search Engine Optimise
A great looking website is worth very little if nobody can find it. We will optimise your website with the best SEO plugins, configure your Google Analytics account so that you can get an overview of your traffic at the touch of a button and ensure your website is indexed in Google.
WordPress Technical Support
When you have your own website, it’s important that you are supported so that you can have access to WordPress technical support at any given time. We include 3 months of WP Copilot membership free, so that you and your website are never alone.

Website Speed Optimisation

People have no patience for slow websites, and will simply move on if your site takes too long to load. Our WordPress developers fix slow websites built by other designers almost daily, so you can be assured we’ll have you running as fast as possible.

Backups & Security
Website security is a top concern for business owners and for good reason. Security hardening for every website includes automatic malware scanning and a website security firewall. For added piece of mind we schedule backups of WordPress core files and databases.
Website Content
We know how important it is for your website content to look just right, beautifully formatted and optimised for conversion. Don’t have content? No problem, let us know and we’ll organise it for you including quality stock images so you don’t need to worry about finding photos.
Website Conversion
Our website packages maximise the conversion of website visitors into customers. Smart designs, callback, subscribe and contact forms, strong CTA’s (calls to action) and Google Maps integration make it easy for customers to access your products and services.
Optimise The Size Of Images
Everyone loves eye-catching images. In the case of successful eCommerce sites, images are the vital part. The negative side of the image use is that they are usually large files that slow down a website. The best way to reduce the image size without compromising its quality is to compress images.
Minimize The Number Of JavaScript and CSS Files
If your website contains a lot of JavaScript and CSS files, it leads to a large number of HTTP requests when your website visitors want to access particular files. These requests are treated individually by visitor’s browser and slow down the website work. If you reduce the number of JavaScript and CSS files this will undoubtedly speed up your website.
Use Website Caching
In case there are a lot of users accessing the page at one time servers work slowly and need more time to deliver the web page to each user. Caching is the process of storing the current version of your website on the hosting and presenting this version until your website is updated. This means that the web page doesn’t render over and over again for each user.
Implement Gzip Compression
Gzip Compression is an effective way to reduce the size of files. It minimizes the HTTP requests and reduces the server response time. Gzip compresses the files before sending them to the browser. On the user side, a browser unzips the files and presents the contents. This method can work with all files on your website.
Detect 404 Errors
A 404 error means that a “Page isn’t found”. This message is provided by the hosting to browsers or search engines when the accessed content of a page no longer exists. In order to detect and correct a 404 error, you can use error detection tools and plugins. As we mentioned, additional plugins can negatively affect your website speed.
Reduce The Number Of Plugins
Plugins are common components of each website. They add specific features suggested by third parties. Unfortunately, the more plugins are installed, the more resources are needed to run them. As a result, the website works slower and also security issues can appear.
Reduce The Use Of Web Fonts
Web fonts have become very popular in website design. Unfortunately, the use of web fonts has a negative impact on the speed of page rendering. Web fonts add extra HTTP requests to external resources.

Case Studies

Have a look below at the work we have done for our clients that have greatly improved their business growth.

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