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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn’t just about your ranking on Google search. It’s about increasing views, generating leads through to final sales.

No Locked-In Contracts

Pause, upgrade or downgrade your SEO package and components at any time to best suit your business needs. Unlike others, we do not lock you in and slow down over time.

How Quick You Can Get The Result?

SEO isn’t a brief term game, although there are early signs of what’s to return. See our clients ranking position update within 6 months. Read More

Google Friendly SEO

Following the Google quality guidelines, our SEO packages always focus on the future of search as Google’s algorithm is constantly changing.

Targeted Website Visitors

The biggest advantage of SEO over traditional advertising methods is the ability to target your audience searching for the specific products or services you provide.

SEO Demystified

Transparent monthly SEO reporting and frequent consultations provide you with answers to your questions while demonstrating valuable data analysis of your business.

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The ROI Of Search Engine Optimisation

Return on Investment (ROI) is what every client wants from a digital marketing agency. ROI is a performance measuring formula used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. ROI tries to directly measure the amount of return on a particular investment, relative to the investment’s cost.


In Digital marketing, ROI is the measure of the profit or loss that you generate on your digital marketing campaigns, based on the amount of money you have invested. In other words, this measurement tells you whether you’re getting your money’s worth from your marketing campaigns.


ROI is very important for your business, if you want to better understand how the various aspects of your digital marketing campaigns are impacting your business.


The basic ROI calculation is:

{ (Final Value of Investment − Initial Value of Investment) / Cost of Investment } × 100%

= Return On Investment


Local business? Our proven SEO step by process will generate an unbeatable ROI for your business too.

Local SEO & Local Area Marketing

The aim of local SEO services is to attract local leads, customers and sales. Local SEO and marketing have a huge return on investment. Localised search results have less competition when compared to broader keywords targeting a wider area. We make sure you are visible in Google maps and your address, phone number, reviews, opening hours  and other information is clearly visible.

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ORKA Digitals Strategy

Watch The ORKA Presentation

On the off chance that you’re scanning for certifiable business advancement, SEO or site improvement is the system for you. For what reason achieves it work? Fundamental! It centers around the customers that are well en route to change over on your site and takes them there.


Looking for increased ROI? We got you covered.

In case you’re hoping to receive the rewards of an SEO client, you need an organization that can give you the right guideline of SEO benefits that acquire you the most noteworthy return rate of investment (ROI). Our SEO bundles can do that.

The 4 Essential Strategies In 2020

Website Optimisation & Beyond

Optimising your website and given keywords on Google is highly crucial to achieving a higher ranking than the rest. We, however, aim to go beyond by satisfying your targeted audiences searches to convert them into future clients. We will even publish the optimised content for your website making sure it attracts the most amount of attention.

Marketing Through Content

A high degree of quality and relevancy is maintained in all of the content to attract multitudes of customers through various marketing channels such as email marketing and social media platforms. Blogs containing informative as well as visually stimulating information helps to reach out to your audience, increasing search rankings. We also make sure the content is appealing for visitors to share with others on social media.

Quality Website Linking

Listings in Google Maps and other highly ranked, industry related directories further push your website towards the top of the list. These quality links from other websites (backlinks) help with the SEO process by sending positive signals to Google’s search analytics, making your business easier to be found.

Social Media Shareability

Social media optimization is the new proven strategy! Social media optimisation is increasingly becoming important for search rankings. People are voicing their opinions on various products and services every second so how good can a website really be if no one is sharing its content with others?

What Clients Say?

  • Highly professional and creative team. Anna and Robert are a delight to work with, extremely friendly and patient. They did an exceptional job for us.

    Thanks guys!

    Rustam Sandhu
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