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Local SEO

How Do I Get On The First Page Of Google?

There are three ways your company can appear on the first page of Google.

Google Paid Search Result: The paid section of the search results is based on a bidding system called Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords). The request wherein the promoters are shown depends on the amount they are set up to ‘pay per click’ (PPC) when the watchword they offer on is looked. So there is no month to month expense for showing up (other than management fees), you pay when somebody taps on your link.


Google Local Maps: The three map listings are very important for local businesses, as they appear anytime Google thinks local results are most relevant. Google knows someone searching for ‘your business name + your suburbs’ are looking for local company services in these target areas, and shows the map listings accordingly.


You must submit your local business information on “Google My Business” to be able to appear in Google maps. Unlike paid ads the map listings are ‘organic’ meaning websites are placed according to Google’s search algorithm.


Google Organic Listings: The websites you see in the organic listings (and maps) are there because Google believes they are the best quality and most relevant to the search intent. The process of earning your place in Google’s organic and map listings is called Search Engine Optimisation.

How Can Australia’s Local SEO Strategy Help You Grow Your Business?

Our Local SEO services specialise in the cities and regions located near your shopfront or within your topographic point. Expert local area marketing techniques will rocket your rankings in Google’s local search results. this suggests more trafficked to your website and more local customers with an enormous ROI.

Actual Value of Local SEO: Think about the last time you searched for something on Google. Chances are you included a location or saw Google map listings within the results, right? an enormous number of Google search queries include a suburb, city, region or country in an attempt to seek out local businesses and knowledge . People like better to use an area business, so it is sensible that their search behaviour reflects that and native search statistics firmly back this up. 


  • 86% of consumers rely on search engines and directories to find a local business.
  • 46% of all Google searches are local, Google “near me” searches doubled in 2016.
  • 29% of consumers search for local businesses at least once every 7 days.
  • 18% of local mobile searches lead to a sale within one day.

Local SEO Techniques

As an area SEO specialist, we are able to help small business combat the large brands. Intelligent local focus means more affordable SEO service that help you rank along side or even higher than competitors with exponentially larger budgets. We also have experience with local area marketing for national brands.


Choose an experienced local SEO company who understand how people search for different types of businesses from home and auto trade services to the beauty industry. With a local team we have an intimate knowledge of the suburbs and popular regions and beyond. Below are a few examples of business niches we have ranked on Google with local area marketing.

  • Accountant SEO
  • Builders SEO

Key Local SEO Strategies

A key factor in our customers success are the local SEO strategies we implement in addition the fundamentals of SEO. You get more value from website optimisation, content, linkbuilding and social media when they are all aligned and focused on local search traffic.

Local Keyword Research: We research how people search for your business niche and location. After generating a list of the top target keywords, we combine them with suburb, city, regional and ‘near me’ local search modifiers. Filtering the local keywords for the best search volume allows us to create a custom local SEO strategy for you.


Google Maps & Customer Reviews: Get a 100% optimised Google Map listing with Google My Business. This is a fast track to appearing in local search results. We help you get more reviews (increasing customer conversion) crafting a customer review strategy with reports including google review monitoring.

Local Landing Pages & On-Page Optimisation: We create and promote targeted local landing pages for regions and suburbs to tap directly into the local market. On page SEO optimizes your pages for your local area boosting search results for local keywords.


NAP (Name, Address, Phone) Citations: Links and pages mentioning your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) details are one of the top 5 local ranking factors. We create and maintain listings on the best Australian local directories including niche directories and hyper-local directories for your city or region.


Hyper Local Rank Tracking: Where you are located has a huge impact on search results even without using local keywords like mentioning a city. But most SEO reports set the keyword tracking as ‘Australia’. Our advanced reporting can track keywords to the suburb level for one or more locations, improving the accuracy and quality of data.

No matter what your business, being optimised for mobile is essential. Mobile search has rapidly become the most popular way people browse the Internet.

With the plethora of businesses and brands vying for customer attention on the internet, it has become imperative for brands to optimize their search

Last year, the Australian eCommerce B2C turnover increased by 39.8%. With more and more people having instant access to online

ORKA Digitals is here to solve that problem through Search Engine Optimization. View our SEO packages and let us assist you in obtaining top rankings.

Case Studies

Have a look below at the work we have done for our clients that have greatly improved their business growth.

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